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When Life Hands You A Lemon

When Life Hands You A Lemon

Make Lemonade

If You Can't Do What You Do, Do What You Can

Join Us Nov 30 2020 - Dec 2 2020 Click Here To Get Your $9 Earlybird Passes

PIVOT Expo Speakers, Panelists & Moderators

We are assembling the best in the event business to share their experiences this year and give you some guidance and inspiration to succeed in this changing world.



Jordan St. Jacques

Uniquely qualified to teach you online tricks and tips

Seye Omisore

Seye Omisore of PicPic Social will help you learn why you should be pivoting your photo booths to virtual to maintain and increase your current income stream.

Show Producer

Show Producer

Rob Savickis

Show Producer - Photo Booth Expo, Mobile Entertainment Expo, Pivot Expos.



Greg Tutwiler

Event Entrepreneur, Sales Director PBX & MEX, Moderator Pivot Expos

Wayne Simmons

Wally Carnes

Bill Vahrenkamp

Kim Barlowe

Niki Gandy

Dennis Marentette

Danny Brewer

Andy Starr

Dr. Drax

Patrick Rife

KC Kokoruz

Alex Reyes

@djalexreyes #djalexreyes

Josh Pather

Josh Johnson

Shawn Whittemore

Judd Lillestrand

Stephen Honeyball

The first PIVOT Expo starts in

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Whenever one door closes another door opens

Everything right now in the event business is up in the air.

16 Oct 2020

Why Only $9

There are 3 primary reasons we have chosen to make the early bird rate only $9.

1.We are not looking to make money off the first Pivot Expo. We understand that many of the people who would most benefit from taking part may not want to or be able to spend hundreds of dollars at the moment for the priviledge of attending. These are the hardest times any of us have seen in the event business. An economic depression would have less of an effect on our business than the almost complete shut down caused by the pandemic.

2.As a thinktank and brainstorming expo we want the largest possible number of people to take part.

3.The $9 rate is just to cover our direct expenses.